General Questions

We have been serving the GTA since 1991 and are a well reputed company. We are known for giving the best possible prices for your used vehicle. By dealing with us, you avoid having to deal with strangers if you choose to sell your vehicle privately. We don't charge any fees for an appraisal or inspection and our offer is exactly what you'll get paid. We do all the paperwork and pay you ON THE SPOT.
We buy different makes and models of cars, vans, trucks and SUVs of different years. We however do not buy scrap or junk.
When we give you a quote, it is the amount which we have bought similar vehicles for in the current market. Once we do a visual inspection, a firm offer would be given and that is exactly what you would get paid.
Yes. we would be able to still buy it off you and instruct you as to how to go about dealing with the finance company.
Yes. We buy US vehicles, as long as they have been transferred to Canadian ownership.
You would have to produce a vehicle ownership and driver's license. Although not required it would be nice to have manuals, books and service records.
As a licensed dealer, we would be able to find the history of the vehicle and confirm ownership and apply for a lost ownership on your behalf.
No. we buy your vehicle as is. And so, an inspection certificate or e-test certificate would not be needed.
We would be happy to give you a Certified Cheque or Bank Draft for the amount we agree on buying your vehicle.